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Powerful email validation api’s

Single email validation

Perfect for verifying email addresses on the go, our single email validation API allows you to quickly and accurately verify an email address on the go. With added parameters, you could determine if the email belongs to a temporarily email provider or if it is role-based and much more.

Webform validation API

Excellent for verifying data entered by your customers or leads into your website forms, our form validation API allows you to validate email data to make sure it belongs to a domain that exists. With added parameters, you could reject bad email addresses.

Bulk email validation API

Ideal for validating bulk mailing lists, our bulk email validation APIs allows you to validate email lists on the go. You can upload number of mailing lists through a single API requests. Once done, you can use our get results API command to grab verified files.


Over 3.2 billion emails validated and counting!

Up to 98% deliverability guarantee

We are highly confident in our email validation system that delivers results with up to 98% deliverability guarantee on all the mailing lists you verify and validate with us. We are accurately able to mark an email as invalid through our innovative 12 stage process.

At each stage, potential problems are identified and marked to ensure only the most valid emails pass through to the end. This allows us to protect your reputation as a sender since you will be only sending to highly engaging subscribers. This keeps your ESPs happy and saves you money since you are not sending to spamtrap, complainers, disposable emails and other such types.

Huge Spam trap & Complainers database

One of the advantages of having your email list cleaned by us is our spam-trap and complainers detection and removal you get from using our email verification tool. Our intelligent spam-trap indicator accurately pinpoints email addresses that are likely to damage your email sending reputation. We also scan your mailing list against a list of complainers we have on record.

Our email verifier’s huge database contains close to 380 million spam-trap records along with 128 million complainers. Avoid getting your marketing emails in the spam box by scanning your mailing list through our email validation tool.

Hundreds of millions of bounces prevented

Millions of companies around the world invest heavily in designing beautiful, optimised landing pages but what stops their success is the number of bounces they receive after sending to what they assumed were valid email addresses. Not only does it lead to poor marketing campaign performance but also bad sender reputation.

Through using our email list cleaning software, we prevented over 800 million bounces. We allow you to verify your mailing lists with ease. Stop sending emails to dead invalid leads and achieve great ROI on your campaigns.


Technologically-advanced list cleaning process

Email deduplication

Nobody likes receiving two or more copies of your same email in their inboxes. Not only does it turn off your customers but is also a waste of your server resources in sending those multiple copies. There are also dangers of people reporting your copies as spam. We prevent this from happening by removing all the duplicate emails from your mailing list.

Domain validation

Part of our process involves analysing domains from the email addresses. Analysis of these domains tells us a lot about the validity and authenticity of an email address. If the email address belongs to an invalid/expired domain, your email is highly likely to bounce. We help you send quality emails by seeing if their domains are active/inactive/parked.

Spam trap removal

Spamtraps are damaging and it’s an email marketer’s worst nightmare. Sending emails to a spam trap could result in an almost immediate deliverability issues. They are created to catch illegitimate senders from sending spammy content. Through our intelligent spamtrap indicator, we help protect your reputation by eliminating those from your lists.

Complainers check

For your emails to reach the inbox, you must maintain high sending reputation. What damages your reputation is your contacts hitting the ‘Report Spam’ button. Actions like this stops your emails from landing in the inbox. Failure to get into your customer’s inbox results in lost revenue. We can help you eliminate these addresses.

Risk validator

For the pure reason that an email address is valid doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe to send emails to it. High risk emails must be taken seriously as it could affect your reputation as a sender. Our risk validator scans your mailing list across all the emails we deemed to be risky and point them out to you. You can decide to send to less risky contacts.

Syntax checker

One of the pre-processing stage for our email address verifier involves scanning the emails in your list against the RFC protocol. RFC tells us whether an email address is syntactically correct. Without proper syntax, the email would not be valid. We detect all email addresses containing incorrect syntax, so you only send to legitimate emails.

MTA validation

Mail transfer agent (MTA) is what’s responsible for handling your emails from one place to another. Without a valid MTA, there is no way an email transaction could take place. Our email list cleaning software performs MTA validation where it makes sure the domain has proper MX records. We eliminate all the domains that fail our test and mark them down.

EV score

EV score is our proprietary email quality scoring system where our intelligent bot scans each email address for various variables and assign a number between 0 and 1. An email that doesn’t belong to a person, for example, is given the lowest score. We help you determine the quality of an email address so you can make informed decisions.


Frequently asked questions

What is email verifier app?

Email Verifier is not just the name of our app; it’s also there to represent a service that validates email addresses. In our case, it’s essentially what we provide. We perform numerous checks to validate if an email is valid or invalid. A number of the steps we take have been highlighted on our email validation process page. So if you are looking to validate an email address, you have come to the right place. Our service allows you to use our innovative tool that simulates the connection between a mail server and our server. In simple terms, this connection is what tells most providers if an email address exists or not. We don’t send an email thus protecting your sender’s reputation and our IPs.

So we are essentially an online email validation software that lets you check whether an email is valid or invalid without actually sending them an email. We help you get accurate typo-free emails from your customers/potential leads because often times, their email address might be the only way to reach them. So in simple terms, we help you send emails to people who actually exist. We do this without actually sending them an email but using our smart technology. We provide this email validation service to small and large companies. Our services can be used to verify email address existence. Companies use us to clean up invalid emails from the list of people/subscribers they have. We can validate any email address you provide us whether its Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or others.

How many email addresses can you handle at a time?

Our software can verify as small as 1000 emails or as big as 100 million emails. Size doesn’t really matter to us since the features you get are exactly the same no matter how many validations you purchase from us. Our list cleaning app lets you upload any number of email lists, and we start processing it right away. Once they have been verified, you will get a confirmation email saying that your mailing list is ready to download. It’s really as simple as that.

Do I need to install any software on my PC?

Quite simply, No! We validate email without needing to install ANY software or plugins which eliminates one of the most frequently asked question of IP blocking. Your IP address is not affected in any way since all the jobs are processed on our servers. Our entire email verifying infrastructure is online and encrypted in cloud. Simply, upload your mailing list through our secure control panel, sit back, and watch us do the rest.

Is the email scrubbing process easy?

Yes. It’s as simple as uploading your email list through our secure control panel and waiting for the results to come through. You don’t need to sit and watch. Just upload and carry on with your other tasks. We will email you when it’s ready. Once validated, download, and start using clean email addresses. Enjoy a better return on investment (ROI) in your next email marketing campaign.

How good is your email validation service?

According to our customers, really good! We utilise great technology built right into our email verifier enabling us to verify an email address accurately. Our process is split into a robust 12-stage email validation process. Each stage prepares the list for the next. They range from deduplication, domain checks, spam trap indicators, complainers check, risk check, syntax check, mail transfer agent check, suppressed email check, unbalanced delimiter check, mailbox error check, custom TLD’s check, and more. You will NOT be disappointed with our top-notch email address verifier service.

How secure is your service?

Our email address validation software is highly reliable, highly secure, safe and security compliant. Our company takes security very seriously. We understand that most of our customers upload highly sensitive email data and that their customers expect them to keep it safe. For this reason, we take extreme measures to protect our customer’s data and your mailing list in our software. Some of the things we do are listed on our security page. These include 256-bit SSL certificate (Same encryption that banks use), Encrypted browsing and transfers, continuous threat assessments, and a strong firewall. Once your data is downloaded by our software, your list data is not retained or exposed or used in any way or form. It is automatically deleted through secure channels within a specific validation timeframe.

How does our service benefit email marketers?

Email verifier app is an email marketer’s best friend. It’s your tool for sending successful email marketing campaigns. When you acquire mailing lists or obtaining it using methods such as single opt-in, you are bound to have invalid email addresses. Every list broker or ‘website guy’ would tell you that what they supply is 100% clean or is double opt-in. Many customers come to us and soon realize that it’s not quite true. Email marketers know the costs involved, and the effort put into sending an email campaign. They would earn little or no reward because many email addresses might be invalid or even worst, blocked by email service providers. Our innovative technology will intelligently clean your mailing list and get rid of duplicate emails, bounces, spam trap indicators, check against complainers database, and much more.

So whether you want our email verifier app to directly take in your contacts from your email marketing software you use like Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Vertical Response or Campaign Monitor (to name a few) or if you like to upload the entire mailing lists yourself, we make the whole process simple and easy. Your boss will love you for it because you will be getting higher deliverability rates and avoid those nasty spam trap email addresses or complainers who don’t want to receive any sort of marketing emails. Want to test our service first? No problem. Upload a smaller list and our software would be just as good as uploading millions of email addresses. We provide the same level of support and assurance to small businesses as we do to the big ones.

What separates you from your competitors?

There are a lot of things that make us the best in our industry. We have been in this industry for a very long time, and this enables us to understand the importance of emails to businesses. We have proven processes that are used to verify millions of emails. Some of the other things that make us the best include accurate verification & validation in bulk or through API, and an innovative 12 stage cleaning process, easy download, and upload facility to validate email, typo correct and syntax fix up, top-notch security and reliability, and great support from our friendly staff.

Our app is brilliant and very effective piece of software that can validate any email on the go. With our artificial intelligence built in, it gets highly accurate for every single job it undertakes. It is a must have email address verifier tool for your business to make sure every email you send is a targeted valid one. After all, what’s the use of sending millions of emails and getting little or no response from your subscribers? Email marketers use our email verifier app all the time to get better performance and stop marketing companies from suspending their accounts.

Why use your software over downloadable one?

There are a lot of reasons on why you should choose us instead of downloadable email validation applications on the market. Some of the reasons include the fact that our process is full of innovative technology. We help you avoid getting your IP address blacklisted. This is usually caused by running verification jobs on downloadable software. When we clean, we always do it with great accuracy and therefore the final outcome is always highly accurate valid working emails. We clean better than any other products or service on the market. We have tons of experience and we have processed millions of email addresses so you can trust your job to us. Most of all, we encrypt all the data passing from our web-based software to your computer so when you upload your mailing list, we will be the only ones having that list.

So what exactly is being validated using your email address verifier?

Well, a whole lot of things – See our email scrubbing process. Most of the preliminary steps we perform are to do with the format/syntax of an email address, domain validity and if the user/mailbox really exists. Of course, once we determine all these, there are a lot more things we look at. These include if those email addresses match with any complainers we have on file or spam trap email address. We also look into high-risk keywords and domains. Later on in the process, we look into unbalanced delimiters within an email address; any suppressed emails that you uploaded.

Do you do bulk email validations?

Yes. We are capable of validating email in large quantities. We have customers who have had their mailing lists validated consisting of millions of email addresses. Our system intelligently routes emails into various scaling servers and performs above checks and then put them back together (much like a surgery). So if you tried to validate email one by one, our bulk email verifier can solve your problems. Our email verifier app takes the bulk of it and helps in massive reduction of bounce backs and thereby improving your bounce rate. Your email service providers would be in a good place and so will you. This is because you will be getting a higher return on every penny you spend on your email marketing campaigns.

How syntax affects email address validation?

As you progress as an email marketer, you will start to realize that your mailing list is starting to accumulate invalid and non-working email addresses. Email address validation is therefore crucial to get rid of these kinds of email addresses before they start hurting your credibility as a trusted sender. Using our app, you can easily remove bounced emails, emails with invalid inboxes, unbalanced delimiter issues, syntax issues and those with high-risk keywords or domains.

The very reason our software was developed is to help customers filter through their mailing lists and be able to collect accurate email data they can use to send their marketing campaigns. Many people assume that email address validation deals with only have an ‘@’ symbol and ‘.’ somewhere in the email with an ending top-level domain like ‘com’ or ‘org’. While this is true, there is a lot more to that than such a simple syntax. Its defined by the internet standards document RFC 5322, which highlights the proper syntax of how, an email address should be.

HOW DO EMAIL ADDRESS VALIDATION SOFTWARE DEAL WITH SYNTAX ISSUE? Most programs out there deal with this in different ways. Some actually code their programs to validate email according to the standard – RFC 5322 whilst others depend purely on guesswork to validate their customer data – the same kind of guess we used just now to showcase how an email address is structured. So our advice to you is not to depend on programs that depend solely on these simple methods but to look for a program or service likes our which goes well beyond the simple structure of an email to validate its existence.

Do free email address validation scripts/programs/softwares work?

In short, no! The reason is quite simple. Email validation is a complex process and most of these free tools available on the market are free. This means they don’t have a lot of investment to invest on good engineers who can deliver results. Most of them do simple checks such as existence of ‘@’ symbol or correct TLD’s. Often times, the authors for these free tools do not understand the RFC email format rules and even if they know, they find it quite complex to code it into a system due to the number of parameters they have to keep watch on.

Ultimately, these email syntax issues can easily sneak in if visitors mistype their email addresses and domain names are usually misspelled. Use an email validation tool, which has proven itself over the years and has a solid track record with good customer base that are happy with them. A nice piece of advice, stay far from desktop programs, as they are likely to get your IP blocked and validate with very low accuracy. Also, make sure the program you are using has comprehensive email validation processes. Please check our process to get a good idea and why not try us out first?

How does email validation and sender reputation work?

AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and other Internet Service Providers (ISP) are actively filtering millions of emails they receive each day on day-to-day basis. To scan through so many millions of emails they receive, it’s an increasingly difficult task for them so they rely on something called a ‘sender’s reputation’. This determines basically who gets in and who doesn’t. Return-path (a reputable email company) reports that nearly 77% of the time, it’s the delivery problems that degrade sender’s reputation score. Validate email for bounces, complainers, and spam traps; without it, your emails are likely to end up in junk folder. This is why its is recommended to our software to help you get rid of undeliverable emails.

Services like ours initially identifies all the list of undeliverable email addresses and then most services go on to validate for other things such as spam trap (aka honey pots) and complainers. A service like ours would benefit you by providing vast number of benefits. These benefits span from reduction in bounces, fewer complaints, and lower emails to spam trap email addresses, increased delivery rate to inboxes, lower costs, fewer fake addresses, and most of all increased bottom-line coming from more accurate leads. Once a list has been validated, large companies usually report a massive reduction in bounces of up to 98% and increased bottom-line that very year.

Our service scans against a large number of things before it marks an address being either valid or invalid. Our process includes things like catching any syntax errors or unbalanced delimiters, making sure the domains and MTA are responding as they should, validating if an inbox actually exists under that name, removing any previous complainers or spam trap addresses, getting rid of high risk keywords and domain names, eliminating service-role emails and much more. For a comprehensive list of things, our service scans against, you can have a look into our innovative email validation process.

When should I validate email?

There are a couple of hints that we can give you to keep your mailing list sparkling clean. Here are some of times we recommend you to use our service.

1) At data collection point – Validate email address right at the start. It will not only prevent you from sending unwanted email to wrong addresses but also help you in keeping your list clean right from the start. Use our email validation api to validate email entered by your customer. It will give them an immediate result that they have entered an invalid email and thereby prevent them from submitting the form. Our API is powerful to scan for syntax issues, unbalanced delimiters, domain checks, mta checks, suppression email removal, role-based email, typo suggestions and for bogus accounts.

2) Just before you start your marketing campaign – We highly recommend you to validate email right before you start mailing your email campaign. Those hard worked hours will not go to waste if you know that what you’re sending is actually going to reach your recipients. If you haven’t used this mailing list for more than a couple of months, list scrubbing would greatly increase your chances of getting it into the inbox rather than as a junk mail which almost no one gets to see. For larger or older mailing lists, we cannot recommend this enough. It will be very ineffective email campaign if all of your emails end up in folders other than inbox.

3) As a regular list hygiene practice – Once you know your mailing list is clean enough, what most email marketers are not aware of is the fact that it will not stay the same always. Just like you need to take shower every day, all the emails are bound to become invalid over time. There are a number of people who constantly change their providers and thereby leave their old email addresses unchecked. Constantly checking for invalid emails would help you keep your list in optimal email-ready condition. It will also help you chase up customers for whom you don’t have correct details for.


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