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Email validation features

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Built to impress!

Whether you are looking to validate just a few hundred or a few thousand email addresses, you will always enjoy our top-notch service and great feature-set of our software. Everything from our control panel to our backend, our processes function flawlessly to give you the best results. Want something we don’t offer yet, give us a buzz and we’ll see what we can do… Sign up now

Exceptional control panel

Drag and drop your email list and off you go. We have designed our control panel for even the most novice users. The entire validation process has been split neatly into three steps. You can easily top up and manage your payments. We try to be as transparent as possible and it is reflected each time you launch a job with us. We will show you exactly what you are being charged for each job… Sign up now

Email validation process

We have the most comprehensive process in the industry. We have a 12-stage cleaning process, eliminating bad email addresses with up to 98% accuracy. We divide the process into pre and post validation. Our steps include deduplication, domain checks, spam-trap check, complainers check, high-risk keyword and domain elimination, syntax validation, MTA check, suppressed email removal, unbalanced delimiter check, mailbox error, custom TLDs check, and more… Sign up now

Advanced email list cleaning

We have been in this industry long enough to scan through millions and this allows us to perform each job better than the one before thanks to our Artificial Intelligence which learns from past mistakes. We use high-quality providers to ensure we optimize our systems to the best of it’s capabilities. We host our infrastructure in cloud which allows us to be secure while meeting high demands. Our blazing fast email verifier can validate emails with great accuracy… Sign up now

Highly reliable system

We have built our system from the ground up. We are very particular in the technologies we use, and this allows us to provide reliable email validation services to our customers. We guarantee 99.99% uptime and we use best encryption technologies available to secure our customer’s mailing lists. We use trusted network providers with Tier-1 bandwidth and great network performance. Our strong firewall gives you another reason to get your mailing lists validated by us… Sign up now