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ALL plans include …

⚡ Top-notch Reliability and Privacy built-in
128m+ complainers database checks
380m+ spamtrap database checks
2000+ temporary email removal
100k+ typo correction suggestions
⚡ Upto 98% accuracy in validation
Unbalanced delimiter fix ups
⚡ Web form validation API
⚡ Fast email validation API
High risk email detection
Email syntax issues detection
⚡ Proprietary email quality EV scoring

Pricing and billing FAQ

How long does it take to process my file?

We often get asked this question. It’s difficult to answer because of multiple factors that might affect the time it takes for the cleaning job to complete. Some of the things include how many columns you have on the file you uploaded, how slow mail servers are in responding to our requests, and more. To learn more about how long it takes and the factors that affect time, please refer to this article.

What do I get back, and what do the results file look like?

You will receive three files – Valid, Invalid, and Unknown. Each of those files contains columns added that show typo suggestions, bad address (spam-traps & complainers), domain, service-oriented emails, free email providers and so on. To get more details, please check this article that explains in more depth how our results file looks like.

Do you have an email validation API or form validation API?

Yes, we have both email validation API and form validation API. You can use both APIs by creating an account and topping up. Check out the sample codes for over 10 popular languages. We also have a support website with a dedicated API section.

Will I have soft/hard bounces even after you clean my list?

We guarantee up to 98% accuracy on all the mailing lists we clean. The idea is therefore to eliminate as many bounces as we can. We try our best to identify the responses we receive and classify them as hard or soft bounce. All this happens without sending an email to your customer/client. Sometimes, even after comprehensive cleaning, there are still some bounces. Read this article to better your understanding on why this could happen

Will my IP address get blocked by my ISP?

No, it will not. Our service runs from our cloud servers, so your IP or computer isn’t involved in the cleaning process. See email validation process.

What happens after I buy a list cleaning service?

Our staff will screen your list to make sure the input file is free from data corruption and then put through our verification system. We will get in touch with the progress and let you know when we’ve finished processing.

Should I buy monthly or pay as you go?

It depends on your email validation job. If you want to clean all your mailing lists at once and pay for it only once, then you should go for the pay-as-you-go plan. If you are looking to use the credit by launching smaller validation jobs, then we suggest using Monthly plans as the price per email is constant. In pay-as-you-go plans, the price per email depends on how many emails you want to verify in one job. If it confuses you, please contact our support team.

How do I upload my email list?

We will present you with an option to upload your list after signing up right from our control panel. If you wanted to upload it later, you can email it to us by contacting our support team.

How fast can you process my mailing list?

Although it depends on several factors such as list size, we developed our system to scale using cloud processing power. We try to return the list as soon as we can. The time range is usually between 1-3 hours… See advanced email validation technology.

What is your accuracy rate?

We guarantee an industry high–98% accuracy with EV Score add on. We take all the measures needed to constantly achieve this high accuracy. This rate of accuracy is unmatched by any of our competitors.

Do I need to install any software?

No! There is no software to install and nothing more to do from your end. Simply sign up and submit your list for cleaning. We will do the rest.

Are there any emails you can’t check?

No. We can check them all, but from time to time we receive emails which our system never saw before. It informs us of it, and we make sure they are being validated just fine.

How does your email validation system work?

We use advanced algorithms which we’ve developed over many years to accurately validate your list. We start by looking at things like the syntax, duplicates and format before sending it through validation. While validating, we check for MX records and then simulate sending an email. If you chose EV score processing, we provide you with scores of what makes up a good email address.

How secure is the data I upload?

Very secure. We take the privacy of our customers seriously. We ensure your list is kept, transmitted and validated through secure means. To show you how safe your list is, we use the same amount of encryption that banks use for logging you in… See Security & Reliability.

How often should I check my email list for invalid emails?

For a list above 15,000 email addresses, we recommend you clean every 2 weeks, but a list of small size can be checked once monthly. This ensures your marketing efforts have not gone in vain.

Happy with our pricing model?

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